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    Default Phone Resetting, Not Connecting to Internet

    Following the excellent instructions here, I rooted my phone back in mid February. Overall it's been great! ... until this last couple of weeks. Now I'm confused again (doesn't take much). I'm wondering if there a maintenance sort of routine I should be doing? I have rebooted the phone. Pulled the battery. Doesn't really seem to help much. And these symptoms are becoming more and more frequent.

    So I'm still using the Sprint Lovers ROM. I don't know enough yet to experiment and, frankly, I'm pretty timid about trying new ones.

    Here's what's happening. Any thoughts?

    1. Every now and then, while making a call, the phone just resets itself. Annoying when on the phone with a client!

    2. It's gotten incredibly slow. Incredibly! Especially when playing Angry Birds RIO. I mean, the daggone bird flies with a jagged jagged slooooowness. And I can count how long it takes for stuff to fall. It's bad.

    3. I can't consistently get online to search. I just get blank screen. Try it again. nothing. Reboot the phone. nothing. Then 2 hours later it works.

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    Oh I forgot to add that all of a sudden my battery life is lousy too! Made it 4 hours yesterday. Granted I had to use it a lot, but even that seemed exceedingly short. Gotta make it long enough in a conference to get back to my car for a quick charge!
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    Are you willing to flash a new rom? That would be your best option.
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    Sure ... I'll need some hand-holding again though (please?) Do you have an opinion as to which one? I know that Cyanogen looked to be the hands-down favorite at one point. As long as its stable, I'm okay with that ... Since my phone is my right hand ... errrr .... ear for work every day though, I have to be a bit careful in choices.
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    Personally, I like Calkulin's EViO 2 ROM (link in my signature), it is Sense based and pretty reliable.

    Assuming that you followed the instructions that have you putting the Amon_RA recovery on your phone, flashing a new ROM is fairly simple.

    First, download the Zip file of the ROM you want to try. Then check the MD5 sum of the zip file (Google "MD5 Summer" if you need a utility to do this). FYI an MD5 Sum is a computed value based on a files size & contents and no two will be alike. This allows you to verify the integrity of the file you downloaded because sometimes things download incorrectly. Then copy the zip file to your SD card in a location you will remember.

    Next, reboot your phone and select "Recovery" from the reboot menu.

    Then, you want to go to the "Backup/Restore" field and make a backup of your system. The default options should be fine, you don't *have* to back up the recovery and sd-ext only exists if you use Apps2SD.

    After the backup is complete, go to the "Wipe" option. You want to wipe all, feel free to do this several times or go through and wipe each option individually. This erases all the caches that hold configuration info.

    Finally, once you are finished wiping, select "Flash from zip" from the main recovery menu. Then you can just select the zip file of the ROM from your SD card and start the process.
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    BTW, you will have to re-download and install all of your market apps after flashing the new ROM. Though I have never done this, many backup their market apps and settings with Titanium Backup and then restore it on the newly flashed ROM.
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    Thanks, illwood. I'll have to study this a bit now to see if I have all of the component pieces. I "think" I do, but need to remember now how to check to see what's on the SD card. How do I know if I have Amon_RA? I do have Titanium Backup, which is working great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GNemes View Post
    Thanks, illwood. I'll have to study this a bit now to see if I have all of the component pieces. I "think" I do, but need to remember now how to check to see what's on the SD card. How do I know if I have Amon_RA? I do have Titanium Backup, which is working great.
    The simplest way to find out what recovery you have is to reboot the phone into recovery. Just hold the power button, select reboot, then recovery.

    When the recovery comes up it should say which one it is.

    Then, to reboot to Android, just select the reboot option.
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    Oh that's right, thanks. I forgot and haven't only just followed instructions, my actual knowledge is very very slight.

    I have clockworkmod recovery. Will this still work?
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    Yes, Clockworkmod Recovery will work fine. I use Amon_RA, so that is the one I reference. The method should be near identical.

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