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    Default HELP! A friend rooted my Evo 4G today and it won't go past intro/turn-on screen!

    A friend just rooted my Evo 4G this afternoon. It seemed to be working great and he taught me how to perform most functions. I backed up my files earlier today, and then while configuring apps I accidentally deleted an app that I did not want removed. So, I performed a restore to backup in Titan manager and now it will only power on to the "Evo 4G" white screen. It won't even allow me to enter recovery mode. Please help!
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    CM7 or a stock sense rom


    my fix would be to reflash a stock rom like sprint lovers or AC rom from recovery and since you already backed up your stuff you can restore it when you reflash that rom.

    but try wiping dalvik and cache first before just for giggles to see if that works
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    Did you do a nandroid back up? Its the one from the recovery screen
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    you should be able to get into recovery by turning the phone off and holding the volume down and power buttons at the same time.
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    Pull the battery and do a NANDroid back up. To do a NAND backup, boot into recovery (turn off ur phone, wait 20 seconds, press volume down+power, wait for the phone to scan some files) press volume down to go to recovery, press power, go to back up and restore. From here, if you choose back up, you will back up the CURRENT rom you have on your phone. If you choose restore, you will get a list of nandroid backups that you have made. Before this, however, go to wipe factory data and wipe it. Then go to cache data and wipe it and, lastly, go to advanced and wipe dalvic - YOU MUST DO THIS! Sorry, didn't mean to scream...:-)

    Assuming your buddy knew what he was doing, then you should have at least one back up - a copy of your original stock rom - in a "" format. If you choose this rom (highlight it using vol up/dwn and press power) then you will be asked if you want to restore it. Go to yes and let it do it's thing. When it's done, go to reboot and now you'll be back at your original rom. Download Titanium Back up run a batch and restore all of your apps.

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