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    Default Can someone suggest the best Sense-based ROM running 2.3?

    I'm on virusROM running the Sense 3.0 build and i absolutely detest this rom. The 30 minute lock screen issue, Flash crashing the browser, the unstable Netflix, and just an abundance of crap.

    I was on the B.1 build for a week, trying to wait it out for the ROM to get stabilized. But nope, crap is still super glitchy. Then B1.1 dropped today, and BOY, this build sucks even more.


    Long story short, i'm just looking for suggestions for a Sense based ROM running Gingerbread that won't give me any major headaches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRockwell View Post
    Long story short, i'm just looking for suggestions for a Sense based ROM running Gingerbread that won't give me any major headaches.
    Until the official Sprint Evo Gingerbread ROM comes out you may have a tough time finding that. Right now all the Sense ROM devs are working from leaked Evo Gingerbread ROMs.

    You may want to check out the Fresh beta. (I haven't used it but have heard a lot of good things about Fresh ROMs)

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    Don't get mad at the Dev, this is just a hobby for them, and the donations are minimal. Imagine how hard it is to squeeze sense 3.0 into the evo from and unreleased phone.

    Anyways, try one of the gingerbread leaks for the evo shift (speedy) that has been ported to the evo. Its sense 2.1
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    That's right! The Dev community for the EVO is like no other. We have such an abundance of ROM and Kernel options out there thanks to them and their tireless work ethic! Early beta ports, like the Kingdom ROM you are running, are expected to be unstable and really are meant for the more advanced users (which you may be) to run so they can give the Devs feedback and report bugs. This is all part of the development process for these ROMs. ROMs that get ported from similar devices are much easier to make work, since the HW is similar. ROMs like the Kingdon ROM, which was intended to run on much newer HW, are much more difficult to get running on older HW.

    Anyway, there are a few GB ROMs with Sense that are working. You might want to start here...


    ...then read through the thread you are interested in to see if it's stable or not. Good luck and take it easy on those Devs Without them you wouldn't have any ROM to flash to!
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    virusrom kingdom rev b1.2


    try out its virusrom gengersense, it was very stable for me, think im gonna go back to that my self
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    You shouldn't knock developers for making a ROM with limited resources, support and time. They are pulling data from leaked sources for other phones!

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