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    Default Can unrooted Evo4G use Backup apps (Titanium,MyBackUp, etc.)

    My EVO 4G has the cracked solder issue that so many 1st generation models had and now I'm having an almost impossible time getting it to charge. I took it into a location to have a tech look it over and they agreed that I deserved a replacement.

    Now my concern is how in the heck can I save my data ...all of my data and just do a backup to the new, uhhhh Refurbished EVO 4G when it arrives? I ran into a couple of programs such as Titanium and MyBackUp, but it seems they are geared to Rooted phones. I'm hoping there is an app that will backup my entire phones content and allow me to just restore it on the new EVO 4G without any stress.

    Are there any apps that will work that way on an unrooted phone and if there aren't I might consider rooting the phone to avoid losing so much work, so any easy, safe root option will be my next question.

    I'm open to any helpful suggestions.
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    Default Re: Can unrooted Evo4G use Backup apps (Titanium,MyBackUp, etc.)

    For The TI app nope....not sure about the others can always download and attempt to open...if it tells you u need to be rooted......
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    Default Re: Can unrooted Evo4G use Backup apps (Titanium,MyBackUp, etc.)

    vel7wil thanks for the info.

    I'll continue looking for an app that can do a full back up, but I've not found one yet.

    I've never rooted a phone before and wonder if that's a logical way to tackle things or not?

    The replacement phone will arrive next week and a universal charger will be in today's mail, so I have a little bit of time to get a solid plan.
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    Default Re: Can unrooted Evo4G use Backup apps (Titanium,MyBackUp, etc.)

    Ive used APK Installer in the past. I can't find it in the market though. I put my card in my PC and copy and paste.
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    I believe Astro File manager works. The caveat is that it pulls apk's, without data. So it's the same as downloading straight from the Market.

    Are you trying to transfer data? Or just the apps? Remember, you can see the aps you've ever downloaded by the market via desktop. From there you can push apps back to the phone.

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