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    Default GMail app on 3G is SLOW

    I have noticed that the GMail app in 3G refreshes and sends messages at an unbearably slow speed. Switching to Wi-Fi rectified the problem. Additionally, using the web app did not have this issue. Is there a known software problem with the GMail app that has been noted as of yet?
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    Works fine on mine
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    Works fine on mine as well.
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    Works great on my Evo.
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    No issues here. I can honestly say that my Evo is faster at rendering pages etc than my Pre was.
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    I think the op means the time it takes to receive mail as yesterday i didn't get all my morning mail until later in the day in which I was in wifi
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    It needs some work for sure. For one thing, it always send quoted messages, which after 4-5 emails gets very long. Also, it should load images automatically, if it made it though my gmail spam filter, chances are it's legit.

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