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    Default calendar color

    can you change the color of your calendars on hte evo? i have then set in my google calendar but they just seem to stay what ever color they want to.
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    I don't believe so.
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    I have not tried yet... but I *think* if you go into your google calendar online and change the color through that it will update on the phone. I have not tried that yet, but the custom colors I use on google show up on my phone
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    but when you go to calendars mine says my calendar and it also has my gmails calendar they are the same why do they show up as seperate?
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    This have been driving me crazy too!
    I have six google calendars and three different calendars are showing up coded as RED on the phone- not very helpful.
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    Had the same problem. Found a review on here comparing WebOS to Android and they mentioned the same bug. They stated that if you picked a color from one of the bottom three row from the web interface for google calendar it would work.

    I tried it and it fixed the problem.
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    Default Re: calendar color

    you should be able to change the color in your calendar account using a desktop. let us know if this works for you

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