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    Default Anyone able to get this locking method to work?

    What I'd like to do is set it up so that the phone will require the dot pattern unlock after the phone has been idle for X amount of minutes but NOT require me to slide to unlock the screen.

    I currently have Auto Lock installed but it still requires the slide to unlock screen everytime.
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    I know. I have the same issue. I think that there isnt a workaround for this yet. You can't get the lock pattern without have the lock slider. We may have to root to get this functionality.
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    I think there are a lot of people that are waiting for this to be possible - I sure am. I tried "No Lock", and that doesn't allow for this easier. This has got to be a possibility and I'm just waiting on an app developer to allow it.
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    i found the solution!

    get "Lock Delay" Lock Delay - Android app on AppBrain

    It does exactly what i'm looking for. Make sure No Lock is either enabled or removed. I uninstalled Auto Lock since Lock Delay is a similar app. Only downside is that after X amount of minutes, it'll wake the phone up and turn the display on. i don't like it because it seems like it wants to tell me something, but in this case it's "locking enabled" so i don't mind much.

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