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    Default Notification for calls and texts?

    Hi all.
    I used to have an epic and the home screen would show me missed calls and texts. This phone doesn't have that feature from what I can see. Any advice on how to make the evo do this? Thanks!

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    Do you mean like a pop-up or something to that effect?
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    you do have the Notification bar @ the top of the screen to show you have a text/missed call.
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    get a widget that will show sms unread count, or missed calls.

    To the OP: To educate you a little better on the Android operating system, what you see on the screen is completely customizable. You can change almost anything. If a different Android phone had something else by default on the screen via a Widget, most likely you can search for something similar in the market and get the same feature.

    To be frank, this is not a difference in phones, but in the phone setup.
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    Download and use launcherpro and handcent. Then you have sms pop ups and notifications if you use the stock icons in the dock
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