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    Default SEIDIO 3500 battery cover not fitting correctly?

    just got this battery, and it is hands down AWESOME! finally get to use my EVO the way it should be used. the only grievance i have is that the seidio battery cover doesnt fit well on my phone -- the left side of the cover is semiflush with the phone body, but the right side, forget about it ... there is a clear gap there and you can even see the red colored stuff right though it. it's about a 1/2 mm gap. sounds small, but it's not. is this just the way it is? i was gonna exchange it, but wanted to see what other owners experiences are before i do.

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    I've had the 3500 battery ever since seido released them. My cover fits just as tight as the stock one. You may have just a bad one, and I would contact them and they send you one that will fit better. IF it were me, i'd send an email with pictures of how it fits.
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    Same here, I've had the 3500 since it was released and the cover is just fine. You may find that you need to remove and re-attach it from a different angle to get all sides to engage. Good luck, at any rate -
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    Love the life of the 3500- have never run out of battery before the end of the day with it. Fits perfectly, but I found it fits better if you install one long side before the other one. I don't want to take mine apart, but I know one long side seems like more of a hinge, and the other side pops in place...
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    I too have the Seido 3500 for my EVO. It is almost a requirement for this and any smart phone (if you want to use the phone and all the features that come with it). I have never had any problem with the battery cover fitting correctly. My prev phone was a blackberry bold and the seido battery cover fit, however it was almost impossible to take off. This was a know problem with the battery cover that had and still is being discussed in blackberry forums (thus, i was def not the only one with this problem). very frustrating.
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    thanks for the input, everyone. i got a replacement unit from Amazon, and this one now fits well. absolutely love this battery!

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