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    Default stock image?

    I want to flash a ROM(CyanogenMod 10) on my phone for the first time but I want to make an image before I do I downloaded ROM manager but found out it doesn't support my phone. anyone know how I can make an image before I flash a ROM?
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    Default Re: stock image?

    Boot into recovery and make a backup.

    I have a thread for rooting and/or downgrading back to GB that is very user friendly, so give it a read to become familiar with Android flashing and rooting. I'll link you to a CM10 rom shortly as I'm a little busy right now, but you really should do some reading before doing anything, otherwise you may run into trouble and not have the knowledge of how to deal with it should a problem arise.

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    Default Re: stock image?

    Thanks appreciate it! I think it would be best if I read up on it too. I would appreciate that link as well
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    Default Re: stock image?


    Sorry for the delay.

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    Default Re: stock image?

    I flashed it and it works great! love the jelly bean interface. strange though sometimes the image goes crazy when I watch videos on youtube sometimes through a browser but other than that it works fine. thanks again lolinternet!
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    Default Re: stock image?

    No problem. Glad to help.

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