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    Question Slow Connection Speeds?

    Hey, I see people talking about their Evo Design 4g being sluggish and slow, but for me my CONNECTIONS are being sluggish and slow. I just got this phone today and I'm sorta disappointed with this speed... and it's the same for either 3G or wifi... I don't think 4G is supported in Baton Rouge, which is where I live so I can't really say anything about 4G performance... but I've had crappier phones that ran faster, especially with my wifi... I get frequent pauses in my downloads and Youtube streaming. So does anyone know what could possibly be causing this?
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    Default Re: Slow Connection Speeds?

    Try going to About Phone and updating your PRL. It's a hit or miss whether it'll help, but it sounds to me like you're located in a crappy coverage area.

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    Default Re: Slow Connection Speeds?

    Did you purchase it used? Either way, I'd suggest a full factory reset.
    I've been using an evo design for about 8 months (this is my second one) & sure it has moments but, for the most part I find it to be pretty solid.

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