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    Default Rooting a Cell South Hero Help Please...

    I have a HTC Hero from Cellular South and I was just wondering if someone could post me a link to a guide that will help me root my hero. I've tried googling and searching on this forum all I can find is sprint, sprint, sprint.. I did manage to find this one however, I cannot get the my gold card to work for anything, and I was just trying to find out if there was an alternate method. I really don't want to load any roms. I really just want to root it in order to get access to wifi tethering. Thanks
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    I'm with ya. I have the latest software version 2.44.557.1 (2.1 htc hero on Cellular South). I also am thinking about rooting but there are just too many fragmented sets of directions out there. (xda ..etc) that kinda makes it confusing to say the least.

    We need a good, all in one, source for rooting, backing up, and ROM ing a Cellular South htc Hero 2.1 please

    anyone out there with the keys to success please help
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    I used Universal Androot. It's quick and painless. Read about it here...

    If you want to install a custom ROM, see this guide here...

    It is what I used. Yes, I did it on a non-Sprint phone and it works great. I used the CM6 stable ROM. Available here....

    If you go that route, download the Google Add Ons from the CM6 page as well if you want your google apps and market. You flash them just as if you were flashing a ROM.

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