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    Angry Re: Google Contacts won't sync

    Now i have no contacts and the synce didn't work, not in a worse state that before grrrrrrrrr
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    Default Re: Google Contacts won't sync

    I just solved my sync problem sounds a lot like yours.
    1-Remove or uninstall all samsung programs and applications you probably already loaded on it for your phone (USB driverand KIES 2 application software
    withoutconnecting the phone. Also remove the KIES ar icon from the phon if it's there.

    2-After rebooting your PC/MAC go bck t the site and now try downloading the kies 2 version for your phone.
    Ifit goes to tha error windw that says "you are notconnected to the internet (blah blah blah) keep hitting the retry button several times and it'll
    likely continue to the end.
    After KIES 2 completely loads up-close the browser and then using a usb cord connect your phone.
    PC/MAC will then correctly recognioze it as a device and just follow the prompts till you eventually hae the kies icon on both comnputer and phone.
    From this point I was home free-downloaded m 750 contacts-all my itunes music-every photo on my computer (drat) but ater 48 hrs of trying the key was restartin the computer BEFORE tring to use the phone connection.
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    Default Re: Google Contacts won't sync

    Quote Originally Posted by rynomite View Post
    Are you rooted?

    If so, use rootexplorer to navigate to /data/data. Find the directory labeled "" and delete it. Reboot, and your Google contacts should now sync!
    It does not help.
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    Default Re: Google Contacts won't sync

    It does not help.
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    Default Re: Google Contacts won't sync

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