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    Default Clearing up internal memory...tips?

    I notice that no matter what I do, my internal memory seems to steadily decline. I have a handful of apps and after the 2.1 update and re-intalling them, I had somewhere around 50+ mb of space remaining. Now it is down to 40 or below.

    What I normally do to free space:

    • Clear the cache of all the apps
    • Delete all email in my trash folder for my POP/IMAP accounts
    • Have my email set to no more than 5k, so that I don't have to go into the mail folder and delete downloaded thumbnails etc. I used ASTRO for that.
    • Delete all my text / picture messages when they start to accumulate

    Beyond that, no matter if I don't add anything else (other than updates to apps), my internal memory still seems to keep declining bit by bit.

    Are there folders or other culprits I am not aware of that eat up memory?

    Thanks for any help if someone has any other tips.
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    are you talking about the active RAM-memory or the flash storage-memory?
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    I'm referring to the internal phone storage.

    I recently started freeing up RAM memory by managing 'running services', but mostly I feel like I am 'leaking' internal phone storage memory.

    Someone said to leave it alone and when it gets low enough, it will automatically delete and clear up files on it's own, but I have let it get down to 10 MB and nothing happened and don't want it to slow down the phone, since lag is already a problem in general.
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    If you are rooted you have the following options available to you:

    - http://www.androidcentral.com/fine-t...-multi-tasking
    - Cachemate CacheMate for Root Users v2.6.2 Application for Android | Tools
    - Remove pre-installed apps by the carrier through terminal How to remove Stocks, Nascar and other useless apps... - xda-developers
    - app2sd (comes installed on most rooted Roms.

    Also, if you are experiencing a lot of lag on the phone you can try an pinpoint the problem application causing it by using the following terminal command on a rooted phone:
    top -m 5 -n 1

    The process running the most CPU is typically the culprit. Again, if you are not rooted then the above reference items won't work for you.
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    If you use peep, or twitter and have it set to sync it will use up your memory just as your seeing. You can goto menu/settings/manage applications, look at peep and/or twitter and/or facebook. Youll see the app thats taking up 10 MBs in data and like 300k in prgm space. Clear data. youll have to login again, or use a different app.

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