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    Default Unified Inbox on Hero?

    Coming from a Blackberry background here- is there an application that will whip together all my inboxes to one view? I have 5 email addresses and like using one inbox.
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    So, I came up with a solution. Gmail allows you to have your Gmail account get your other mailboxes from different POP servers. It will even send mail out with the proper email account as the "reply to". I set up all my POP accounts to Gmail and now get all my mail in one inbox via the Gmail app. Actually I don't know why I didn't do this sooner because it's nice to have all my email in one place that I can check from the internet.

    I use the Android email program for my work email (Exchange) and it's nice to have all my personal email show up on my Home theme and my work email only show up on my Work theme.

    I love this phone!

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