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you do realize if you currently have the unlimited data plan on Verizon and upgrade (to a 3g or 4g phone), you're grandfathered into keeping your unlimited data?

there's a TON of new 4g phones coming out very soon. Motorola Bionic. Samsung Galaxy S 2. HTC and LG each have newer 4g phones coming out too.

last I heard the bionic and galaxy s 2 are supposed to be out on September 8, and the other 2 are due out sometime in October...

Verizon's 4g blows all the others out of the water. especially if you're grandfathered into the unlimited data plan...

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If 4G battery life issues are worked out...it's very compelling indeed.

There are a few VZW Merge handset's on eBay if anyone's interested, just do a search for them.