Well my battery is really going out fast but when i turn on my phone it boots up ok then when i try to use something anything really it puts up sorry htc sense is haveing problems we have sent a comment to whoever to let them know the problem and it only lets me force close on it then it looks like its starting to reboot but it doesnt it just shows the first screen then goes back to normal but its affecting alot of things like how fast my texting works and i think its my fault because i was trying to save battery time and i would go to running applications and shut down stuff like facebook and other stuff i dont use that auto boots on any time i turn it on and i might have turned off something i shouldnt so i looked up htc sinse and this page is what i got i tried putting my phone connected to my laptop but i cant get the htc sync on my laptop to accknoledge it. Any help would be appriciated my phone # is 850four5four-six5nine0 please call if you can help i dont mind.