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    Default Two Questions (4.4.2 Update, Home Screen)

    I've just flashed 4.4 GPE today. This was the first time i've tried something like that. So nothing went wrong, after the install i got the 4.4.2 system update but it somehow did not install it. After booting to bootloader it said this may unroot your device and i think i selected no. So now i have 4.4 and the software screen shows that my phone is up to date. Should i manually install 4.4.2 or will it come again as a software update?

    A noob question, when i long press to home screen to edit the home screens, i only get change wallpaper menu. I cant seem to change home screens or delete them. Any tips?

    Thanks in advance and sorry for bad English.
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    Default Re: Two Questions (4.4.2 Update, Home Screen)

    It may come again via OTA or you might have to update manually. Updating manually though usually wipes the device if I remember correctly, verses the OTA doesn't erase data.
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    Default Re: Two Questions (4.4.2 Update, Home Screen)

    Thank you Paul. I think i'll wait a little bit more.

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