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    Default HTC ONE warranty

    hi i want to ask maybe a stupid question, but i need to ask, I purchase the NEW HTC ONE dev. edition 64gb and has some minor issue like the plastic edge and build quality, do i have the warranty for a year to send it back to HTC and get fixed or get exchanged? because i'm out of US now, so i want to know if i must send it back now or i can wait 4 or 5 month when i go back to US?

    thanks in advanced!
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    Default Re: HTC ONE warranty

    If I were you just to make sure I would contact HTC US support and ask them since you are at a disadvantage being out of the country. They might tell you that you can wait or have to send it in for warranty service now. Let them know what is wrong with it so they can identify if this will be a warranty issue or not.
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    Default Re: HTC ONE warranty

    Read the back of the packing list inside the box it was shipped in for Let's Talk return policies. Sounds like you can return it for any reason within 30 days. After that, it says you have to deal with the manufacturer for warranty issues. They also say they have a program to send you a replacement before you send back the defective one.

    In short, don't delay, the sooner it's returned the better.
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    Default Re: HTC ONE warranty

    I'm sending my HTC one in for broken audio socket that I bought 2 months ago, I hope I get it back asap and no surprise fees. I'm from Canada btw

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