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    Default HTC one - Google play movies

    When I purchase a movie through Google play it won't work and I get the error code 2147483648. Has anyone else had this? The trailers play fine and I've tried all the suggested things like clearing the cache.Please help


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    Default Re: HTC one - Google play movies

    I have the same issue on an HTC One I received today from Google. You-Tube video's play no problem. But nothing from the play store works. Its not the app since play store movies play on my Nexus 4. Tried a system reboot, full restore, clearing movie player cash, but nothing helped. This device is just buggered.
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    Default Re: HTC one - Google play movies

    Google's response...

    Thank you for contacting us about this issue. Unfortunately, a small amount of HTC devices are not able to support video content on Google Play at this time. Google is working together with HTC to expand the capabilities of these devices so that all users can access and download movies from the Google Play. In the meantime, we encourage you to watch movies from any other Android device and/or the Google Play through a browser on your personal computer.

    Thank you for your continued patience as we work on this issue, and we appreciate your enthusiasm for Google Play!
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    Default Re: HTC one - Google play movies

    That's better than what they told me. Google informed me my phone was the issue and I should seek replacement.

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    Default Re: HTC one - Google play movies

    Which versions of the HTC One do you guys all have?
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    Default Re: HTC one - Google play movies

    I'm using my HTC One on Sprint, and I'm having no problems paying my movies from the Play Store. I do have some problems with movies from Flixter, but that's a known issue, according to Flixter.

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    Default Re: HTC one - Google play movies

    I have the same problem with differing error codes similar to the one above and my mate told me it could be to do with my google play store not being the right country, but I've made purchases and all so I don't think its that. Any sign of a date of when Google and HTC are gonna fix this? Oh and I have the HTC One (UK) Orange (EE) contract. Oh and almost forgot, the problem started after android 4.2.2 was recently installed. HELP!!!
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    Default Re: HTC one - Google play movies

    I also have the latest HTC One running HTC Sense 5.0 and Android 4.2.2.
    Won't play movies from Play store on the Google Play Movies app.
    Very annoying as I now have 4G and was looking forward to the independence
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    Default Re: HTC one - Google play movies

    Has this problem been resolved? Because my girlfriend has the same problem on her HTC One, and to me, the response from Google is insufficient, because she had downloaded Ironman 3 and successfully watched it several times. The error has only happened in the last few days, with the same error code.
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    Default Re: HTC one - Google play movies

    I have the same problem watching films and am annoyed having moved from an iPhone to an HTC One because of the good reviews.

    Is the problem with all HTC One devices? Is there a timeline for remedying this problem with a software fix?

    There should be a notice warning people about this problem before they waste their money.
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    Default Re: HTC one - Google play movies

    This is also the case with Motorola Xoom 2 tablet!!! I just started the google movie account because Motorola Xoom 2 doesnt accept anything else... Now? Nothing...
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    Default Re: HTC one - Google play movies

    Was having this problem on an HTC DNA and went to Settings, App Manager, then from the menu selected Reset app preferences. For whatever reason this fixed the problem. Weird.
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    Default Re: HTC one - Google play movies

    I've had this issue occur on a number of my devices (not just HTC). The only way i have found to get around this is to view my purchased content using YouTube.

    Open YouTube App/Website->Side Menu (3 horizontal lines)->Purchases (6th option down)

    Content plays every time without issue using this method.
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    Default Re: HTC one - Google play movies

    George you're a genius! This worked without fail. Thanks for the tip, I was on the verge of giving up.

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