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    Question AT&T software update

    My One received an update yesterday from AT&T. The phone is only 2 weeks old. The Software number now reads 1.26.502.12. Does anyone know what was updated or fixed?
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    I think that updates fixed the home and back buttons but can't remember what else.
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    Default Re: AT&T software update

    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Nickinson View Post
    Phil can I have a hug please?

    What Phil said is correct! If you just got the phone then your probably seeing an older update. Enjoy the phone its a great device!
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    Default Re: AT&T software update

    I received the media link update as an HTC software update on my AT&T One. It was installed very shortly after I bought the phone and was delivered through the "About>Software Updates" section of the Settings menu. The AT&T update, which is delivered through the "AT&T Software Update" section of the Settings menu, was a firmware update that changes the firmware version to 1.26.502.12. It addresses the sensitivity of the Home and Back buttons, and possibly some other minor stuff ... I never did see any official list of what the firmware update did exactly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Nickinson View Post
    I got the 20mb update so it appears to have fixed more than just the media link bug. It would be nice if AT&T would give us a detailed list of fixes.
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    Default Re: AT&T software update

    thanks for the info... updating as I type this!

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