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    Default HTC One - Repairing HTC One screen?

    Hey all. Just inherited a HTC one with a smashed digitizer/LCD.
    How much am I willing to expect paying having this fixed by HTC?
    I am in Canada and the device is with Bell, if that helps at all.

    Turns out, when your buddy's crazy girlfriend thinks someone is cheating on them, the first thing she grabs and quickly releases across the room is the fancy Superphone haha. I got it for free so it's no big deal if it isn't fixable, but if it is, hey new phone!

    Thanks all.
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    Default Re: HTC One - Repairing HTC One screen?

    I don't know how much you are "willing" to pay for repair, but I've read several posts (on XDA?) that the cost was $180.
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    Default Re: HTC One - Repairing HTC One screen?

    Had to send mine for cracked screen. 180$ but! I did have then fix the purple tint issue on mine which was a nice bonus.

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    Default Re: HTC One - Repairing HTC One screen?

    As far as I know, only reliable fix is by the factory, and $180 is the cost.

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