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    Default Photo album empty/disappeared?

    Hi, when using my camera, to the right of the camera icon I used to be able to click the next icon across which would take me to my default gallery, for snaps taken using the HTC. Now when I take a picture the icon has been replaced and it takes me to a list of albums (Dropbox/Picassa/flickr etc) which I don't want to use. If I go to Gallery on the main screen it takes me to the same place and I can't find any of my photos taken using my phone here. I can find them if I use a file explorer and go into the DCIM folder etc. but I can't seem to locate them in the Gallery option anymore. Any ideas? Thank you.
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    Default Re: Photo album empty/disappeared?

    Click the menu bar in the gallery and select show/hide albums. You can hide flickr etc and you may find your snaps have been hidden so you can unhide it here - assuming this is the issue of course!

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    Default Re: Photo album empty/disappeared?

    Hi, I tried this but unfortunately it didn't seem to have any effect. I recently updated Android and the problem appeared after this. It's as if the photos are not being picked up by Gallery at all...

    edit: when I went to show/hide albums, the albums listed are: Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr, Friends and Picasa. None of these seem to be where the default folder is where snaps are saved from your phone's camera, and that's the only album I'm interested in! I just tried the 'Rescan Media' app to no effect.

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