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    Default HTC One - Return to Stock

    Hi All,

    I'm a novice when it comes to Android so I really need all the help I can get. Thanks in advance to all contributions.

    So I had a HTC One that was on firmware 4.2.2 Maximus HD firmware, rooted, and bootloader unlocked.
    I attempted to return it back to the same state as it was when I first got the phone.

    The phone was from O2 UK originally.

    I attempted to follow some guides online, and managed to unroot my phone, and lock my bootloader, and using this RUU

    RUU_M7_UL_JB_50_HTC_Europe_1.20.401.1_Radio_4A.13. 3227.06_10.27.1127.01_release_308001_signed_2_4

    I managed to return to stock... only problem is,I then attempted to get an OTA update and nothing showed up

    I then read somewhere that I needed to change my CID which I then changed from HTC__001 to O2___001
    but still no luck, no OTA detected.

    I then found something online called Guru resets from htc1guru.com so I unlocked my bootloader again.

    As it stands, the bootloader is showing this information:

    **** Unlocked ****
    M7_UL PVT Ship S-OFF RH
    Feb 7 2013, 21.52.09:-1

    After unlocking the bootloader, I came to the realisation that I have no idea what im doing
    So I decided to come here. Please help me...
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    Default Re: HTC One - Return to Stock

    Hard to tell TBH. Are you sure the RUU used is an official stock firmware or possibly a slightly modified version of stock? I'm not sure what to say about the CID, I've never messed with that.
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    Default Re: HTC One - Return to Stock

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