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    Default Headphone/Back/Home Light problems on my HTC One

    Yerterday, I had my HTC One connected to my car charger, and connected the phone to aux in (headphone jack). Suddenly the music stop playing and I saw the screen of my phone flicker twice. After that, I realized that the charger had gone bad (probably burned), and from that moment on, whenever I put on a headphone music doesn't play.

    The phone recognizes that the headphone is connected because the headphone icon appear, but no sound comes out!! I tried it with Beats on and off and no sound comes out off it, but they work perfectly normal through speaker

    Hope someone can tell me if there is a way I can fix my aux in connectors?? Really use my headphones a lot!

    P.D: I found in some forums that the media volume was down, but I already checked and it is maxed out.
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    Default Re: Headphone/Back/Home Light problems on my HTC One

    ANyone have the same problem?

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