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    Default good lockscreen apps

    I installed nova and everything is great but the sense lockscreen doesn't match my set up because I'm using holo icons and the regular sense lockscreens don't match up and that bugs me...anyone know of some simple lockscreen replacement apps that have that pure android or Google play edition look
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    Default Re: good lockscreen apps

    widgetlocker is the most popular i think. made by the same team that develops nova.

    i don't use a lockscreen launcher myself so can't comment on the specifics of the app but i would suppose you'll be able to custimise the theme to match your home screen.

    there have been reports of ongoing bugs in the app since kit kat, though.
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    Default Re: good lockscreen apps

    I'm not a fan of lockscreen launchers because all of the ones I've tried have an initial lag where your home screen is displayed for a second, and they also disable the home button when you're on any of your home screen pages. Drives me nuts. I think the only full proof way of replacing your lock screen is by rooting
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    Default Re: good lockscreen apps

    I've had not problems or lags with Widget Locker. Used it on my phones and Nexus 7 tablet.
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    Default Re: good lockscreen apps

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