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03-30-2014 12:47 PM
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    Default HTC One: Freeze on install of CM11 from CM10.2 [Help needed]

    So my phone (HTC One Verizon m7vzw) keeps getting stuck frozen at about 25% of the way through the install process/screen for CM11. Here are the details of what I did:

    - Started off with an installed version of CM 10.2
    - Installed the latest version of ClockworkMod Recovery (
    - Downloading gapps 4.4 and CM11 Snapshot M4 via the CM Updater app
    - clicked install on the CM11 M4 build via the CM Updater app.
    - phone boots into recovery and goes to install screen where the progress bar freezes at ~25%
    - I can shut the phone down and send it back to the bootloader, but if I enter recovery it just automatically starts trying the flashing process again.
    - ^ This means I can't try a factory reset...

    Thanks for the help!
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    Default Re: Freeze on install of CM11 from CM10.2 [Help needed]

    Ended up solving the problem using fastboot to flash a different recovery image (TWRP vs CWM), then use that recovery to wipe the user data, cache and dalvik cache, then wipe the system data so that the system partition could mount. Then re-flash the original recovery image (CWM) and that allowed me to finally flash the new ROM and Gapps

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