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    Default Htc one m7 stuck on htc boot screen!!

    Hi I just reset phone after I accidentally switch the software to international then switched it back to tmobile to update to sense 6 because I can't update due to custom recovery ROM (TWRP). So I used the software which didnt support touch screen so I got a OTG cable and then use a mouse to update software (sense 5 to sense 5.5) but the strangest thing happen when updated it, it got stuck on the htc logo screen. I try to reboot and then recovery but no luck Heeellllp!!!!
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    Default Re: Htc one m7 stuck on htc boot screen!!

    Just go to recovery and do a factory reset along with a cache wipe. It's a standard bootloop that comes by not doing the previously mentioned steps, so don't worry. And remember keep holding the vol. button till the bootloader menu pops up.
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    Default Re: Htc one m7 stuck on htc boot screen!!

    I did it but still on the htc boot screen, I tried another method by using a ruu file tmobile but no dice just keep saying Error 155 unknown error... Is my buddy screwed?
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    Default Re: Htc one m7 stuck on htc boot screen!!

    what did u do finally??my phone is restarting every 30seconds.i rooted it using TWRP and all was fine.but sudenly i got htc white screen...i tried t=factory reset,wipe data,hard reset,fastboot,all the options available while pressing volume down+power button...please tell me what to do.it is t-mobile u s set...i am struck at white screen with htc symbol..please anybody reply me what to do fastly ??my brother is gonna kill me..i am worried..save me please...

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