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    Default Has anyone found the HTC Mini+ to be useful?

    It looks pretty cool I guess, a phone for your phone. But has anyone found it useful? Also what is the maximum range you can be far from your M8 to make calls?
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    Default Re: Has anyone found the HTC Mini+ to be useful?

    I have a Mini Plus an like it....BUT....in has some minor issues that I have been working with HTC to try to get them fixed for over a month now
    1) Can not change military time to standard time on the Mini Plus
    2) When I get a phone call an in any other screen on the M8 I can not pick up the call on the M8 an it locks/get stuck on the screen I am in till call goes to voice mail or hangs up.
    3) I can not get email notifications to work on the Mini Plus when i get them on the M8.
    4) Mini Plus will not show a notification when a MMS arrives on the M8
    5) Can not get to connect to my laptop an control any thing. I can pair it an it will say connected then disconnects

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