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    Default htc m8 Google play edition: extreme power saver mode?

    Trying to decide between unlocked m8 and google play edition.

    I like how GPE has pretty much stock version of android, but the extreme power save mode is a must have for me.
    Anyone know if it comes with GPE?
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    If it doesn't, there will be an update for all m8's that will include this feature. The Sprint versions already have it.

    I would strongly recommend an unlocked sense version. You lose too much with the gpe, there really is no benefit except faster updates. With HTC Advantage they've promised 2 years of software updates, and from my experiences with the m7 they were very quick with them

    Just my two cents

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    Default Re: htc m8 Google play edition: extreme power saver mode?

    I agree get the dev version comes with an unlocked bootloader. That way if u want u can try or fully convert to the gpe edition.

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