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    Default M8 Battery vs Droid Maxx Battery

    I'm considering the M8 because of the build quality and I like GUI that r close to stock android as possible. I currently have the droid Maxx but I travel a lot and run out of storage when I download movies and music files. I keep them on my phone so I can watch them in airplane mode. My concern with the M8 is the battery compared to the Maxx. The Maxx better would last me two days on a single charge with energy to spare.

    To the people currently using the M8 ... How is the battery life?
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    Default Re: M8 Battery vs Droid Maxx Battery

    For adding memory to your Maxx, try a Meenova or similar device. It is a usb-otg that has a slot for a micro sd card and plugs into the phone. However, with kit Kat you will need some app downloads to make it work. Do a Google search for 4.4 breaks usb-otg.
    The Meenova is only $12 and the size of a quarter will hold 64gb of media.


    Also a nice add for your Maxx is a Tylt Vu wireless charger. No noise, no heat, no positional worry... Just works great.

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    Default Re: M8 Battery vs Droid Maxx Battery

    Coming from the older Maxx HD, if you were getting 2 days out of your Maxx, you're going to get just over a day with this phone. My suggestion is that you plug it in at night. That's all. Carry a charger with you when you travel and plug it in beside the hotel bed and you'll be fine.
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    Default Re: M8 Battery vs Droid Maxx Battery

    You could always get an external battery to extend the life. I use a small 8000mah one when I go camping.

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