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    Default Stuff still there after root and Titanium Backup?

    I'll describe what happened.

    I rooted my HTC One M8. I installed Titanium Backup and got rid of:

    HTC DotView, Facebook, Eureka Offers, Kidmode, Sprint crap like connections optimizer and Sprint Zone, Lumen Toolbar, Nascar, NBA, some antivirus looking thing, and a few more unimportant things. I did those through a batch uninstall.

    Every time I install an app or remove one, I kept getting messages about turning on HTC Backup, despite saying "Do Not Show Again" and clicking No. I don't want any thing of mine in a cloud.

    So, I thought I'd see about uninstalling HTC Backup as well. My phone crashed and instantly rebooted.

    When it came back on, it asked if I wanted to send the message to HTC. I say no. Sprint New Device popped up and and installing all it's apps all over again! It's happened twice so far. Last time I wasn't even doing anything like I was today.. last time I wasn't even at my phone I was either sleeping or who knows when it happened.. I just came back and out of nowhere I noticed Sprint Connections Optimizer asking if it can optimize and that's when I noticed the other crap was back too. Facebook, Eureka Offers, Lumen Toolbar, Sprint stuff, etc. They all got reinstalled on their own.

    I couldn't stop it from reinstalling all that crap today.. but soon as it was finished, I went back in and uninstalled them again the same way.

    But what I notice is if I go to Settings, Apps, All in Android, They are still listed there and say they are using space. So, these things in Titanium Backup are not truely uninstalled?

    Sprint Zone, Spring Worldwide, Sprint Installer, Sprint ID, Sprint Connections Optimizer, com.zoodles.kidmode, com.htc.dotmatrix, and com.facebook.katana.

    I can go in and disable or force stop some of them, but they're still there taking up space somehow.
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    Default Re: Stuff still there after root and Titanium Backup?

    I understand wanting to get rid of the bloat on your device but with the capability to use a 128 GB Micro SD card, storage space is not a big deal. I actually rooted and installed Titanium Backup and was doing exactly what you were doing. Then I decided to reverse course because I felt like I was installing new apps to get rid of other apps. Seemed silly, and since then is plentiful storage space available and the phone operates smoothly I decided to stay stock.

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    Default Re: Stuff still there after root and Titanium Backup?

    Yeah I'd just freeze things. I never uninstall the carrier or manufacturer bloat since it can cause crazy issues like this. I'd rather just freeze with titanium backup that way I can always unfreeze it later if anything goes wonky.

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    Default Re: Stuff still there after root and Titanium Backup?

    You know what happened. While I wasnt looking since the time I posted here, it reinstalled everything again, deleted every app shortcut I had, and added some crap to the screen that I've never seen before. Crazy! I don't mind space issue. I just don't want anything using memory or popping up.

    I will look at the freezer you mention.
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    Default Re: Stuff still there after root and Titanium Backup?

    I think part of me just hates crap. I build my own computers and even if I had a girlfriend I think I'd be anal about her installing crap.
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    Default Re: Stuff still there after root and Titanium Backup?

    Just freeze them, don't uninstall them

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    Default Re: Stuff still there after root and Titanium Backup?

    I purchased Titanium Pro on Friday. Freezing totally did the trick, thanks. I've not had any problems since.

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