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    Default Bluetooth Volume for Spotify/Maps

    So i have been having issues with the volume on spotify and maps. For example, if i have spotify playing in my car as well as google maps...i will hear the music perfectly but maps volume will be very low which i have raised the volume but it continues to return to low volume automatically. Yesterday i set directions in google maps but kept spotify off this time and i was able to hear the directions perfectly and the volume would remain at high level. This issue only occurs when both spotify and google maps are being used at the same time. Anyone else encountering this issue or knows of a fix??
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    Default Re: Bluetooth Volume for Spotify/Maps

    I've noticed that if I play audio with Bluetooth for several hours that at some point the phone lowers the volume. Then, if I try to raise the volume again, I get the high volume warning on the phone before I can raise it. I'm using it with a portable Bluetooth speaker.

    I'm guessing this is to prevent someone getting hearing damage while using Bluetooth headphones, but it is not applicable when using a speaker-- doesn't make sense.
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    Default Re: Bluetooth Volume for Spotify/Maps

    Cannot verify with Spotify, but I know that with TuneInRadio Pro it works correctly. I do have to turn up the radio in car much higher than with over the air radio (even with sound output set to max on the M8).

    I also use AutomateIT to set the volume automatically when connected to BT in the car. You might try that and be sure both sliders for "Music Stream" and "Notifications Stream" are set to max.
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    Default Re: Bluetooth Volume for Spotify/Maps

    Yup, I ran into exactly the same issue. It also happened with Google All Access as well. I'm guessing maps is trying to not overpower your music but it ends up being too conservative in the selected volume. Crossing my fingers an update will address this soon.
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    Default Re: Bluetooth Volume for Spotify/Maps

    Makes me feel better i am not the only one
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    Default Re: Bluetooth Volume for Spotify/Maps

    Same issue as the OP. I believe since I also use Rdio and Google Play Music which work just fine, that Spotify themselves is not using the correct profiles for streaming within their app. Which would not be anything new if you tried to use Spotify on the old M7 and it would just cut out and have no transition. It probably has something to do with the way how they use audio streams within Android. And Spotify is notorious for taking there time to properly support Android on some bugs/issues (cough cough Chromecasting cough) but just raise a open issue and report it is your best bet and hopefully someone see's it on Spotify's Support Forums.
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    Default Re: Bluetooth Volume for Spotify/Maps

    Same thing here. Playing music on Spotify with GPS running, and every time there are directions read it's nearly inaudible, even when Spotify lowers the volume. I find that i have to use perfect timing, and tap the volume up every time directions are read. Weird thing is that randomly, one time the volume finally stuck on max. I think the fact that Spotify no longer pauses during notifications and GPS (and lowers the volume) is the issue.


    Looks like I was right. There is a whole Spotify forum lit up with angry users. You can find it here:


    There is an app dev that commented there. He believes it is an issue related to audio ducking. Too complicated to explain here. Anyway, a Spotify moderator commented that they are now aware of the fix, but in the meantime offer no solution. A user posted, on page 12, a link for the last version (.apk) that properly pauses the music. The only problem is that you have to uninstall the current Spotify app, which means you'll lose your music cache...
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