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    Default entering words on txt/website

    Hi all, have a random question. I have just got the m8, having previously have the oneS.

    I prefer the keyboard to be set on "phone".
    When it comes to texting i have it on X T 9.

    When I enter a word I get the option to choose it from the suggested word box, however should the word i want to enter not exist. Example... dano or rovers, I have to enter it one letter a time and confirm my letter choice. By doin it this way it always leaves a space after each letter so it would look like d a n o or r o v e r s. Obviously I can enter the word in my memory but I maybe doin this for a while as think most people shorten / abbreviate words now.

    On my previous HTC this did not happen. I have spoken with HTC who say this is a fault and to reset the phone but this did not resolve it. Does anyone else have this problem?

    Kind regards

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    Default Re: entering words on txt/website

    Try switching to ABC from XT9. Switch back when done.
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