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    Default Finally played with the M8...

    So, my friend just replaced his M7 with an M8, and he allowed me to play around with it.

    Here are my impressions;

    • The phone looks great. It definitely looks better in person than on the internet. My friend agreed with me on that.
    • Speakers have definitely improved. Sounds significantly louder and clearer.
    • Like the One M7, it's a great performer.
    • Duo Camera performed well. On the phone, the pictures look crisp and the effects are pretty cool. The 5MP front camera was, well, nice. Not sure how the 4MP pics would turn out on a larger screen.
    • The phone was significantly taller than the One M7, to the point where some may find it too tall.
    • The gunmetal grey phone he had still felt a bit slippery, but my M7 was more so.

    Just my first impressions. What do you guys think of the One M8?
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    Default Re: Finally played with the M8...

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    Default Re: Finally played with the M8...

    Quote Originally Posted by _YoKolorMeBadd View Post
    Wow, there was a thread just for that?

    Gonna paste it there.

    Posted via Android Central App on an HTC One M7 running Insert-Coin 2.5 Sense 6 with ElementalX kernel.
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    Default Re: Finally played with the M8...

    I find after a while the gun metal grays slippery coating wears off. It's not as slippery was it was when I got the phone almost a month and a half ago

    Posted via Android Central App on the HTC One M8

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