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    Default Weird battery behavior 100% for too long. Stuck?

    Im not complaining to having 100% it is just that i believe something is wrong and its not accurate or its not showing me the correct percentage...

    Phone was on 40%, i plugged my charger in and turned phone off for about 10-20 mins. Turned the phone back ON and now it is on 100, i hadn't seen my phone charge that fast.

    I already unplugged charger and have tried to see if i can drain battery by going to full brightness and watch youtube videos, usually with watching one or two 5 mins videos i get to 97-98% but i'm still in 100...

    Could the battery percentage be stuck? If so, is there a soft reset or something?

    Edit: Never mind, plugged in again, turned off and on and battery is now back to normal, displaying 50% now... i tried to delete Thread but did not find the option.
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    Default Re: Weird battery behavior 100% for too long. Stuck?

    Similar incident happened to me the other day.
    Mine was at 59% and i plugged it in, power cycled it and it came up at 100%. I let it charge for a while and it was stuck like that for about 4 hours then it dropped quickly and is back to normal now.
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    Default Re: Weird battery behavior 100% for too long. Stuck?

    Me too mine is stuck at 84% on my Dell venue 7 tablet can you tell me how to fix it back to normal??

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