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    Question How to get upcoming alarms in the notification shade?

    So I just got my HTC One M8 yesterday and did a ton of things to set it back up. So far there is just the one thing I really miss over my Nexus 4 .... no upcoming alarms in the notification shade.

    I have 3 alarms set for the morning my first wake up 2nd wake up then the leave the house alarm. It was easy to set these alarms up but this morning when I woke up before the first one (like normal) I'm used to pulling down the notification shade and my Nexus 4 had entries for the next 2 hours of upcoming alarms. I could then tap the dismiss alarm and it wouldnt go off when the time came around.

    So this morning I had to uncheck the box activating the alarm then wait for the time to pass and turn it back on. This is doable but kind of annoying now that I'm used to dismissing it..... Anyone know of a way to get the upcoming alarms in the notification window like my Nexus 4? or a way that without turning off the alarm I can dismiss the alarm from going off for that day but it will still go off the next?

    If all else false I guess I could setup something through Tasker but I figured there might be an easy way first.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Default Re: How to get upcoming alarms in the notification shade?

    hummmm after doing some more digging around looks like the feature was part of the stock Android Clock app when things when to 4.4.4 Kitkat. ..... anyone have any ideas on how to get something similar? or another alarm app that will simulate this effect?

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