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    Default HTC One (M8) audio / app bug --> then phone freezes

    I'm a heavy user of music listening and youtube watching on my phone, so I finally decided to go for M8 and bought it last Saturday (less than a week ago).

    Since yesterday, I noticed the build-in music apps (both Music and Play Music apps) could not produce any sound through either my earpiece or through the M8 speakers. I would press play in the Play Music app and there will be no run-time or audio. Restarting the phone only fixed it temporarily.

    The same thing happened to alarm. No sound comes out of the M8 speakers when I can see the alarm goes off on the screen (which is why I was late to work today).

    I know it's not a speaker or earpiece issue because youtube was running / playing / sounding fine when all of these app / audio issues occurred.

    What happened next?
    I experimented with the issue by plugging my earpiece while the music app was running (or rather I thought it was running) with no sound, and then...... BAMM!! the phone freezes...

    Nothing was responsive on the phone... not even the power button. I had to call my wife to bring my iphone to my office.

    Looks like I need to make a trip to HTC service centre now...... it has been less than a week!!! Don't get me wrong.. I love the phone. It has been great, and everything else on the phone runs smoothly (so far) and fast...... but.... it has been less than a week!!!

    I don't even recall having an issue with my iphone 5 for the past 2 years, even I drop that thing on the floor almost once every other day.

    Has anyone experienced similar audio / app issues with M8? Grateful if anyone has any advice on how to go about this what seems like a software issue.


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