1. foxbat121's Avatar
    Just received OTA update to Android Nougat update for my AT&T One M9.

    Android Version 7.0
    Android Security patch level Feb 1, 2017
    Software Number 4.27.502.7
    05-18-2017 02:53 PM
  2. jasonandrews25788's Avatar
    share your impressions and opinion please.
    05-18-2017 04:15 PM
  3. foxbat121's Avatar
    So far, didn't notice any obvious problems yet. Still learning. Hopefully, it will make Android Auto more stable and usable because that's my biggest problem on MM.
    05-18-2017 06:28 PM
  4. Jack Neill's Avatar
    Downloading now. Was waiting a long time for this..
    05-18-2017 07:39 PM
  5. Jack Neill's Avatar
    M9 7.0 is great. Sense seems dialed down. It's a nice update.
    05-19-2017 10:24 PM
  6. cell2012's Avatar
    I have s on and modified should i still be able to recieve this update? Or does someone have the ruu exe?
    05-23-2017 06:03 AM
  7. Jack Neill's Avatar
    05-24-2017 09:15 PM

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