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    Default HTC One Max: Battery issues

    So, coming from a note3, I can't help but feel the battery life on this device is horrid. I don't have a screen shot of usage but I roughly get about 9 hours on average with little usage. I checked and the only thing using a lot of the battery is the operating system. Everything else is 1-7% and like 70% operating system. Should I completely erase everything and start over?

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    Default Re: Battery issues

    Sounds like you need to start over with a clean slate.

    My battery life is very good with heavy usage. Multiple email addresses, blink feed on, music, 4 hours / day calls plus Web and forum research.

    Don't restore a backup other than contact sync and see what happens. Then, slowly add back your must have apps one at a time.

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    Default Re: Battery issues

    So, since my initial post, I went to vzw. They let it sit for 20 mins and declared the battery a lemon. I forgot exactly how much it drew but it was somewhere around 5% in twenty minutes with the screen off, no apps installed aside from contacts and nothing running in the background. The new phone is much better, although still not note 3 quality. Which I didn't completely expect since I realize it is not a note 3. But thank you for the reply

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