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    Default LED/Flashlight stays on

    I had a One Max dumped in my lap, I guess because I'm a techie guy. The rear LED stays on all the time.

    Open the flashlight app and cycle through and it never turns off.
    Even shutting the phone OFF does nothing. It's still as bright as can be.
    Apparently they already did a hard reset and nothing changed. I might confirm it myself as soon as I get some free time.

    Any thoughts?
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    Default Re: LED/Flashlight stays on

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    That's really strange, and I'm having a hard time believing it. Could you confirm that this is the case? Makes no sense that it would stay on with the phone off
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    Default Re: LED/Flashlight stays on

    I've had mine do it on my Note 3 but shutting the phone off(reboot) took care of it.

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    Default Re: LED/Flashlight stays on

    Hi, I had similar issue..my samsung note 2 flashlight stays ON even the phone is turned off. Any help?
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    Default Re: LED/Flashlight stays on

    did you find a solution?? im having the same problem with a galaxy S5

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