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    Default Audio problems, Skype/Viber/Hangouts

    I have a really annoying problem with my One Mini... When I tried using Skype for the first time earlier today, I got connected to one of my friends - I could see and hear him, and he could see me as well, but not hear me. Later today I haven't been able to call or receive calls from anyone else on Skype.

    After googling it, I can see that a lot of android users have problems with Skype, so I tried both Viber and Google Hangouts - calls can go through in both programs, BUT in Hangouts the other person cannot hear me and in Vicer neither I or the other person can hear anything :/ So I guess the problem must be something with my audio?

    Can anyone help me?
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    Default Re: Audio problems, Skype/Viber/Hangouts

    Skype calling works just fine with me. I'm on 4.3

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    Default Re: Audio problems, Skype/Viber/Hangouts

    I use version Don't know if that has anything to do with it... But still weird that the audio doesn't work in the other programs either.

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