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    Question HTC One Mini: Where are the Config Files? Screen just black. Can't hard reset due to fast boot.

    Hi Guys, I wonder if you could help me?

    My HTC One Mini has been great, but yesterday, I noticed that the power button was no longer working to lock the screen or wake the device. It didn't seem to be going to lock screen at all so I tried altering the lock / security settings but they all seemed fine (lockscreen after 3 minutes, pin code access, etc.)

    The power button still worked fine to actually switch off the phone. I decided to deal with it later, so I just switched off the phone for the moment.

    This morning, I find that it's just giving me a black, unresponsive screen. When I press the power button, it gives me a short buzz. Power and volume down gives me a longer buzz. Just the volume rocker by itself gives me a little volume increase/decrease arpeggio sound. So it's not off, it's fully powered up... but I can't interact with it.

    I have just read in my manual (yep, I am so vexed that I actually read it) that a hard reset is possible on this phone by pressing Power+Volume Down together but only if Fast Boot is not selected. I have a feeling that I have fast boot selected.

    I can access the files and folders on my phone's internal storage using my PC, does anyone know where the settings/config are stored? Maybe I can switch Fast Boot off and do a hard reset that way? Is there any other way of doing a hard reset other than letting the darn thing run out of juice and then recharging it again?

    I guess I will have to take it back to an EE shop if not, but I would like to try and fix this myself if poss. I don't want to have to go through the 'this must be your fault' argument! I am pretty sure it isn't my fault!

    Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to give!

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