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    Default Can not get my HTC one to root, please please help me. (Mac User)

    I have been trying to two days to get my device rooted. Bootloader is unlocked yet whenever I attempt to root it in terminal, following many directions I have read, I get these messages

    Last login: Mon May 20 13:52:17 on ttys000
    Mackenzies-MacBook-Pro:Android OtisSpaghettiRedding$ ./fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    -bash: ./fastboot: No such file or directory
    Mackenzies-MacBook-Pro:Android OtisSpaghettiRedding$ fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    -bash: fastboot: command not found
    Mackenzies-MacBook-Pro:Android OtisSpaghettiRedding$

    I have the files in the correct location, I just switched from an iphone and have never owned an android so I am quite new at this. Please help! My carrier is At&t. I also have searched countless websites including this one and tried many things before I finally broke down and decided to post.

    I am hopefully doing everything wrong and someone will show me the light...
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    Default Re: Can not get my HTC one to root, please please help me. (Mac User)

    Have you installed a recovery program?
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    Default Re: Can not get my HTC one to root, please please help me. (Mac User)

    Shouldn't you be flashing the fastboot-mac version?

    I know it took me ages to get it sorted too as the directions of what to type in terminal are not that great and didn't work for me. I wish I had noted down what I did do as I don't often use terminal so can't actually remember. Have you dragged the flashboot-mac file into terminal? I think I did that at some point. Keep trying and don't believe all the commands you read as I had to type slightly different commands in.

    I think this post was the most useful to me located
    I am back HOME on the epic Nexus 5!!
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    Default Re: Can not get my HTC one to root, please please help me. (Mac User)

    may be its root software related problem. try Quick root V 4.1. Download it from here:

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