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    Default EVEN BETTER sdcard formatted

    So now my phone literally only has clockworkmod recovery... I have been trying to use adb sideload and have used the command adb sideload <>/sdcard

    and I get permission denied in return. What am I doing wrong? sdcard is the only file I currently have remaining, aside from clockworkmod.
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    Default Re: EVEN BETTER sdcard formatted

    What did you do to get to where you are now? Did you do a factory reset? or flub up when installing a rom? Need more information as to what happened.
    I don't know a lot about CWM but are you sure you have it in sideload mode? On mine I have TWRP and use , fastboot sideload zip. "filename" .zip and on the phone make sure twrp is in sideload mode in advanced section.
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    Default Re: EVEN BETTER sdcard formatted

    You need to place the in your sdk/platform-tools folder or where ever your fastboot is located. and the command is "adb sideload"

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    Default Re: EVEN BETTER sdcard formatted

    Just to get a rom back on the phone you can do this.... copy rom you want to flash to phone to your adb location...boot phone into a command prompt and cd into your adb folder and run this command adb push /sdcard/. Wait until it finishes transferring it to the phone...once finished do your wipes as usual, reflash the rom....

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