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    Default Corrupt serial number and model ID

    So I'm a bit stuck. I can ONLY boot into the bootloader/fastboot. Using fastboot I tried flashing recovery. It will flash a recovery fine (tried TWRP, CWM, stock) but when you boot to recovery you get the HTC splash screen and then it hangs. For quite a while I was worried I had a bad image. But after a little more searching I found out I had some corrupt information. Model ID and Serial # appear to be really messed up.

    # fastboot getvar mid
    mid: �
    finished. total time: 0.002s
    # fastboot getvar serialno
    serialno: ߞ�X�C
    w\	`2�#
    finished. total time: 0.002s
    I tried to re-write my serial number and model ID, but I guess it won't work because I don't have the ENG hboot.

    fastboot oem writemid PN07120
    (bootloader) [ERR] Command error !!!
    OKAY [  0.012s]
    finished. total time: 0.012s
    Another thing that is interesting is that version-misc shows UNKNOWN. (which is the 1st line after *** UNLOCKED *** on the boot/fastboot screen)

    (bootloader) version-misc: UNKNOWN SHIP S-OFF

    I've tried looking for the ENG hboot but cannot find it. Anyone know where it is? I've got the HTC One Developer Edition

    EDIT: Looks like I found a site that had it.

    EDIT: Bah! Catch 22 here. Can't flash new hboot because model ID doesn't match.

    # fastboot flash zip ENG_hboot.zip 
    sending 'zip' (475 KB)...
    OKAY [  0.242s]
    writing 'zip'...
    (bootloader) zip header checking...
    (bootloader) zip info parsing...
    (bootloader) checking model ID...
    FAILED (remote: 41 model id check fail)
    finished. total time: 0.648s
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    Default Re: Corrupt serial number and model ID


    Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I have the same issue on my M8. Ever have any resolution to this problem??
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    Default Re: Corrupt serial number and model ID

    Quote Originally Posted by FreedomHacks View Post

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I have the same issue on my M8. Ever have any resolution to this problem??
    Same issue? what are you wanting to do and what have you did?

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