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    Default Should I trade my One S for a Galaxy S3?

    http://www.lenteen.de/smartphone/http://www.lenteen.de/http://www.lenteen.de/handys/Got an offer to trade in my One S for a Galaxy S3 Billige Handys(White 16GB version) GŁnstige Handys. I'm torn on whether or not I should pull the trigger. I love the camera on the One S and I know it's not as good on the SGS3. However,GŁnstige smartphones I would love to have the extra storage, larger screen and removable battery. What do you guys think?
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    Default Re: Should I trade my One S for a Galaxy S3?

    SGS3 is a huge phone, I don't know if you will like going from a One S to a GS.
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    Default Re: Should I trade my One S for a Galaxy S3?

    Go for it!! Best decision I ever made was getting this phone

    Ported from my AOKP Build 4 JellyBean Samsung Galaxy S3.
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    Default Re: Should I trade my One S for a Galaxy S3?

    I didnt care for the galaxy line.. its too big and plasticy for me. and Yes... the One S camera is amazing.
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