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    Default Will the iHome iC16 work with this phone?

    I loved my iPod touch, and had an iHome for it, but I have since traded that off after I got my One V (actually, it was used to get this computer I'm using right now), and I was wondering if I could use this iHome iC16 to charge and play music for this phone.
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    Default Re: Will the iHome iC16 work with this phone?

    I just got the iC16 ihome and it uses a USB port to charge. So essentially you can charge anything that has a connector to usb. For example, I am currently charging my ipod nano using the apple usb cable. So even if your phone doesnt support the provided cable to microUSB, just use the usb cable provided for your phone to charge.

    Hope this helps.
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    Default Re: Will the iHome iC16 work with this phone?

    Sorta helps...does it play sound through the speaker?

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