Setting up the HTC One V as a GrooveIP home phone instead of using Obi with Google Voice. Using the stock rom, everything works fine and GrooveIP has no issues with lagging, eco, patchy voice and so forth.

Figuring I would unlock, root and toss PACman onto the phone. Afterward, GrooveIP turns into a total mess, with lagging, echo, and cutting out half words. Tried every setting that I would and nothing would fix it. Decided to go back to stock and after reverting the phone everything is working perfect with GrooveIP....

Anyone experience this? I would like to root and get rid of all the junk VM software but GrooveIP is the only software I need on this phone. Before I have to live with the stock software, does anyone have any advice for maybe a different ROM or maybe this is a known issue with CM10?