okay so im kind of a noob at this so dont get mad, first off I have this HTC One V from Telus but its bricked, and its has a boot loop on it. I've unlocked it, and even put CWM on it. I want to install a ROM.zip file on by using adb to push it in on my sdcard but my sd card wont properly mount onto my computer, it also says signature verified failed after i try pushing the ROM.zip onto the sdcard through cmd. In CWM i always get a message that says E: can't open /cache/recovery/last_log...i dont really know what that means. ive looked all over the place to try and unbrick this phone, but honestly nothing has worked. i even ran RUU_PRIMO_U_ICS_40A_HTCCN_CHS_1.68.1400.2_Radio_20.67.30.0831U_3831.15.00.28_M_release_254948_signed.exe, but i alwats get an error that says missing ROM utility!